Na Fir Bolg Folk-, Rock- en Kleinkunstfestival

Na Fir Bolg affiche

Sassenhout, Vorselaar

Camping on Na Fir Bolg

Our camping is for free, but entrance is only allowed for festival visitors with valid tickers. The camping is open from Friday morning 9 till Monday noon 12.

We ask everyone that stays on our camping to make it a quiet sleeping area. At Na Fir Bolg, we party on the festival area and sleep on the camping area. We are a family festival where families want to spend a nice weekend, including a good night of sleep. And believe us, you can keep partying in our pub, even when the lights go out ...

The organization has the right to deny access to any people on the festival and camping area that do not follow the rules as set forth. No compensation will be provided.

Camping rules

  • Camping is completely free but only for festival visitors. Herewith we try to prevent "professional campers" that set up parties on the camping area and are not visitors from the festival. Because of that and other safety rules all people staying over on the camping need to be registered with our safety and camping volunteers.
  • Cars are not allowed on the camping area
  • There are sanitary facitilites (showers and toilets).
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the festival and camping site, except for guide dogs for disabled persons.
  • We ask you to sort your garbage. Na Fir Bolg carries recycling as an important value. You will receive a garbage bag upon entering the camping area. These are only for residual waste, we ask you to sort the remainder of the garbage and put it in the garbage containers put down by the organization.
  • Camping fires are not allowed on the camping grounds, the fire risk is to high and we are in a forest-rich area. Safe, enclosed barbecuing devices are allowed on the emergency lane.
  • On the camping grounds we ask for peace and quiet. We have a lot of families with small children. The camping grounds are a place to sleep, the festival area is the place to party and go wild. The grounds should be quiet after 24.
  • Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday morning there will be a breakfast on the festival area. A cheap and good breakfast is available in the pub from 9 in the morning: bread, butter, cheese, choco, orange juice, bacon and egges, all there.
  • No drinks are allowed on the festival area, they can be bought at democrratic princes. Only with your co�rporation we can keep the good atmosphere at Na Fir Bolg. Strong liqour is nowhere allowed. Mobile beer taps are prohibited.
  • There will always be someone of the organization present at the entrance of the parking, camping area and festival.