Na Fir Bolg Folk-, Rock- en Kleinkunstfestival

Na Fir Bolg affiche

Sassenhout, Vorselaar

Festival rules

The typical Na Fir Bolg visitor comes to the festival to have fun, eat and drink much and enjoy the music. He loves Na Fir Bolg due to the open, tolerant atmosphere. A Na Fir Bolg visitors loves to drink his beer from real glass and loves healthy and unhealthy food, including vegetarian meals. Visitors come to enjoy the nice music, but preferably not 12 acts at the same. We take it easy, with time and at the end of the day we could maybe go wild.

As an organization we do not want to put to many rules on our visitors and typically this is also not required. But, if problems occur, we still want to intervene and therefore we ask all visitors to follow the rules below.

In case problems still occur after repeated warnings, the organization can deny further access to the festival and camping area to involved visitors without any further compensation.

COVID-19 maatregelen

Rules of the house

  • Own drinks and food on the festival area are not allowed. On the campingground it is allowed, with the exception of selling alcoholic drinks. There will be a security checkpoint at the entrance of the festival area where active checks to forbidden goods will be performed. When refusing the security check, access to the festival will be denied.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the festival and camping site, except for guide dogs for disabled persons.
  • Drugs are not allowed on the festival.
  • In order to allow us to serve drinks from real glass, we ask you to return as much empty drinking glasses as possible.
  • Weapons, sharp objects, umbrellas, ... are not allowed.
  • All forms of violence are strictly disallowed, including racism and the execution of political activities. Any violators will be denied further access to the complete festival.
  • On the camping grounds we ask for peace and quiet. We have a lot of families with small children. The camping grounds are a place to sleep, the festival area is the place to party and go wild.
  • We ask you to sort your garbage. Na Fir Bolg carries recycling as an important value.
  • If concerts are cancelled due to force majeure (cancellation by bands, weather, ...) tickets will not be refunded.
  • We do not allow any audio devices such as own speakersets, ...
  • Only allowed Na Fir Bolg merchants can trade on the festival.